Release year: 2023

Author: Nigel Poulton

👍 - I did it. I read a full book on Kubernetes. Honestly, it is difficult for me to comment about the book without first mentioning how proud I am of myself of getting through it.

For people in the tech world, this shouldn’t be a “difficult” book by any means. It is a fairly straightforward introduction to the world of Kubernetes, and at times goes in depth in some security and best practices topics without going overboard (kudos to the author for maintaining that delicate balance). However, Kubernetes has made me feel like an impostor for about 6 years. I have never felt confident about its intricacies, its objects, its configuration settings. To me Kubernetes seemed so big that it felt hopeless – kind of like trying to learn to speak fluent Mandarin while maintaining my other real life responsibilities.

Long story short, by finishing this book, I gained one solid notch of self-confidence. I beat my learning anxiety. While I’m not entirely cured of my fear of getting a Kubernetes configuration wrong, at least I now feel comfortable having a conversation on the topic with anyone. And that, to me, is priceless.

Read the notes I took from this book.