Long live the arcade! I use this page to track my high scores at different games I enjoy. I find great joy in managing to push the boundaries of my reflexes and gaming skills. If you feel competitive, you are welcome to try these games and beat my high scores (in fact, I dare you)!

All scores were performed on a MiSTer FPGA (unless stated otherwise).

Game Score Date Notes
Blazing Star 849,200 2022/08/13
Carrier Air Wing 165,210 2021/09/11 The sequel to U.N. Squadron
DoDonPachi 18,848,190 2022/03/21 International version
DonPachi 3,972,870 2022/07/09
Esp Ra. De. 3,183,730 2022/04/16
Giga Wing 718,236,244,250 2022/03/26
Guwange 99,9310 2022/06/10 If you need a refresher on Chinese numerals, click here.
Out Zone 697,690 2022/03/26
Progear 4,612,220 2022/03/27 Got the extend!
Pulstar 134,260 2022/08/13
Raiden 168,610 2022/11/07 Played on The Raiden Project (USA) a default difficulty (Colonel). First attempt!
Raiden II 450,956 2022/11/06 Played on The Raiden Project (USA) a default difficulty (Colonel)
Strikers 1945 Plus 273,900 2022/03/17 2 lives (default MVS)
Terra Cresta 41,300 2022/03/27 Alpha MiSTer core
Tetris: The Grand Master Level 549 2022/05/23 Played on MiSTer PSX core using ZN-2 to PSX conversion
Tetris: The Grand Master (20G) Level 319 2022/03/19 Played on Heboris
Time Pilot ‘84 59400 2022/05/28
Truxton 201,950 2022/03/17
Twinkle Tale 714,510 2022/08/13