I have rediscovered the joy of learning through reading books. The product of these lectures are notes written by hand. These are the notes shared on this page. I want to share them for two reasons:

  • this constitutes a personal backup copy in case I lose my notebook
  • this could be useful to someone who wants a summary of the main ideas (that jumped at me) in a specific book.

I find it interesting to notice the evolution of my note-taking patterns over time. Never stop learning, especially while learning! “You are never the best at being better.”

My Notes Title (Author) Thumbnail Release Year Finished Date My rating
My Notes Sooner Safer Happier (Jonathan Smart)
2020 (Currently reading) TBD
My Notes Shape Up (Ryan Singer)
2019 2023-03-14 4.5 / 5 – Really clever framework that has the potential to replace Agile and Scrum. I hope I’ll get to try it out someday. Everything just clicks!
My Notes How to Win Friends & Influence People (Dale Carnegie)
1936 (revised 1981) 2023-03-07 4.5 / 5 – Groundbreaking for its time, and still relevant today. Good tips about how to listen to people and get them to think about your ideas.
My Notes Radical Candor (Kim Scott)
2019 2023-02-28 5 / 5 – Essential reading for anyone who has to interact with a manager or employees on a daily basis!
My Notes Accelerate (Nicole Forsgren PhD)
2018 2023-01-24 4 / 5 – The science behind the ideas that were first featured in the DevOps Handbook. A much appreciated look behind the curtain.
My Notes Building Successful Communities of Practice (Emily Webber)
2016 2023-01-14 4 / 5
My Notes Project to Product (Mik Kersten)
2018 2022-12-18 4.5 / 5 – Revolutionary. The author gives a true recipe for connecting IT with the business in any organization.
My Notes Making Work Visible (Dominica DeGrandis)
2022 2022-12-03 4.5 / 5
My Notes The Unicorn Project (Gene Kim)
2019 2022-10-30 3.5 / 5
My Notes Remote Team Interactions (Matthew Skelton & Manual Pais)
2022 2022-09-21 4 / 5
My Notes Continuous Delivery (Jez Humble & David Farley)
2010 2022-09-01 3.5 / 5
My Notes The DevOps Handbook (Gene Kim et al.)
2016 2022-08-01 5 / 5
My Notes Team Topologies (Matthew Skelton & Manuel Pais)
2019 2022-07-10 4 / 5
n/a The Phoenix Project (Gene Kim et al.)
2019 2019-03-02 5 / 5