Here is a little challenge I have set for myself: learning the Dvorak layout. I am using it right now to type this post and it feels incredibly weird (and slow). I will use this post to track my progress, let’s see what happens. Hopefully I will not give up too quickly, that would be embarrassing! I know I can do it.

Just for a reference, I can usually type at 100 words per minute on a qwerty layout. This is a big drop in efficiency that will hopefully be worth it! If I can achieve this milestone on the Dvorak layout, then it is officially mission accomplished.


Date Characters / min Words / min
Tue Jun 29 12:30:55 99 20


I have spent 4 hours using the Dvorak layout at work. It has been a mostly unpleasant experience, but I kept grinding and doing my best.

I eventually stumbled on this article written by someone who learned Dvorak: I’ve used Dvorak for 10 years, and I’m here to tell you it’s not all that

Well, screw this. I can touch type in QWERTY just fine. The customizability of the OLKB Planck satisfies all mt ergonomic needs. I’m going back to QWERTY.

So long, Dvorak. It was nice knowing you. Maybe I’ll give you another shot someday when I retire.