It has been a while since I have posted something important (to me), but today is the day where the counter is set back to 0. 😃 I have been hard at work since my latest “important” post reading as many books as I can and perfecting my learning system. In fact, my relationship with books has evolved to the point where buying a new book today feels as exciting as buying a “new” retro video game in my younger days. I’m not quite sure what to think of that yet (am I beginning a new toxic materialistic relationship?), but at least in the meantime I am learning a lot.

Since I now take a lot of notes when I read, I figured I could make these notes available for the world. Why not? In the worst case scenario, if no one finds this useful, at least it will provide a convenient access to my own notes wherever I go. Best case scenario, I become seen as a “learning guru”!

(Ok, I know I won’t be seen as a learning guru anytime soon, and I’m trying hard not to get my hopes up, but I care deeply about curing “learning anxiety”, so I’ll do everything I can to work in that direction!)

So, without further ado, here is a link to my list of lectures, which I will keep up to date as I progress in my quest of learning. I have included a digital copy of my notes for each book (except The Phoenix Project, since I didn’t have a learning system at the time of reading that one!). I hope you’ll find it useful and that it will give you the courage to embark on your own learning journey. Safe travels, my friend!

Link to My Reading List