While owning a blog on the web certainly is cool, what one does with it is that truly matters. Because it took me so long to finally have my own website, my mind is filled with ideas I am finally able to tackle. I am an expert in almost none of these topics. My goal is not to be the ultimate source of knowledge on the web. Rather, knowing that maybe I’ll catch just one person’s interest in the process is all the motivation I need!

Here are some potential blog topics I hope I’ll get to discuss:

Some of my hobbies and other topics unrelated to tech

  • RetroPie
  • Stepmania
  • Board games
  • Pet rats
  • Badminton

Some things I want to learn how to do:

  • How to add comments on this blog
  • Programming mobile applications for Android and iOS
  • How to use Kubernetes and Jenkins to integrate a DevOps culture at work

I wish I could say “let me know in the comments some of your ideas”, but this would require an actual comment section… Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to get around to it soon. Until then, Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Comments have been enabled!