There’s a weight on my shoulders, the crushing pressure of being being a beacon of usefulness to society. More and more, I realize that this objective is both unattainable and unhealthy.

When I started this blog, my objective was twofold:

  1. Share information that people with similar interests could use
  2. Have a portfolio that demonstrates my ability at sharing knowledge

As you might guess, while it can be healthy to focus on #1, adding #2 can quickly become unhealthy. I am interested in a multitude of things, but I also have many fears that prevents me from sharing them. Indeed, what will people think if:

  • I ramble about a nerdy thing of no value to my future employer?
  • I ramble and give them the impression that I don’t know how to synthesize my ideas?
  • I ramble about life and don’t appear like the beacon of positivism I wish to be?

The consequences of these fears might look silly to you, but they are very real to me. And that’s if my blog picks up steam and people actually start reading the thing. All signs point to my blog floating in cyberspace like a wild mushroom in a virgin forest (read: untouched by humans).

Well, guess what. I am taking back control. Those who like my ideas, come along, and feel welcomed. Reach out, I’d be more than happy to chat with you.

If you are my (future) employer, my friends, my family, and I somehow embarrass you; if you see a disconnect between the Félix you know and the Félix writing these lines… Know that I am one and the same person. I am just keeping it real. This is who I am, and this is what I care about.

What can I write about?

I know a lot of useful information, but that is not enough to care about sharing it. Just in the past few weeks, I have learned about a multitude of new tools I had never heard of before:

  • Gradle and Maven
  • Carthage (well, sort of. Developing on the Apple ecosystem is still a nightmare)
  • SuiteDash
  • Flask
  • and more…

Innumerable tutorials helped me get started on these tools. It has been a tedious process. To tell the truth, I wish I was interested enough to write my own tutorials about such tools, quite frankly because I’d like to help future developers get all the information they need in a single place, rather than having them jump back and forth between contradicting tutorials.

But these tools are not my passion. They are tools that I had to learn to push our business forward. I can’t bring myself to write about these tools in my own free time. Leave a comment if that makes you sad. 😄

Where do all these people who write Maven tutorials get the motivation? Are they paid? Do they expect their employer to see this? Whatever the case, I refuse to have this weight on my shoulder any longer.

This is my website. It should be my safe haven. I will write about what I want. I expect you to judge me here as much as you judge me in real life. It’s fair.

I hope it will not give you the impression that I am inflexible as a person; I can force myself to learn about things I don’t enjoy. I also hope it won’t make me sound like a depressed basement-dweller that doesn’t know how to fit into society. That could not be farther from the truth. I enjoy many mainstream things.

Look, the bottom line is: if I don’t write about something, it does not mean I don’t know or care about it. If I do write about something, it’s probably important to me… but you shouldn’t worry about that. I just hope you will find use in what I write about, no matter the content or the container.

Expect a few oddball entries in the coming weeks! Who knows, things might get interesting around here.