During Christmas, I learned about the Chronology and Timeline series of games. I immediately fell in love with the concept: it’s a fun way to learn and have discussions about human history. In theory, anyone could maintain a database of human events, inventions, etc. and play the game, since it’s so simple.

Well, that’s what I attempted to do. Using the blessed library for UI, I created a Python script called “History Fighter” that aims to recreate a single-player Chronology-like experience. The player can continue building their timeline until they make a single mistake. See how far you can go in history (without cheating!)

You can download the game here: https://gitlab.com/felleg/history-fighter

Assuming you can run Python 3 on your computer, all you will need is to install the blessed library.

pip3 install blessed

Then, open a terminal and run the game by doing

python3 history-fighter.py

Have fun 😃