My partner Gabrielle and I have been working on a cooking blog, and we are happy to finally unveil it to the world! The blog is called “Sensible Bean”, and can be accessed here:

Gabrielle is the mastermind behind the recipes and photography, while I took care of setting up the infrastructure that makes the website work. It has been very fun to find a project where we both could put our skills and interests to use. To be honest, we have no idea what’s in store for us with this blog - we’re just doing this for fun.

The type of cooking you’ll find on the blog is something that is very near and dear to Gabrielle: healthy cooking that tastes good. Moreover, she decided to tackle an additional challenge. Indeed, each recipe found on the blog is:

  • without added sugar
  • gluten free
  • vegan (except for fish and some fermented dairy products)
  • generally healthy

While we don’t expect everyone to jump at the idea of cooking such a niche cuisine, we know from first-hand experience that finding recipes that both match even some these criteria and taste good is surprisingly rare. In fact, recipes that fit all those criteria at the same time are very few and far between.

In a way, this is a stimulating challenge for Gabrielle: great design often comes from strict limitations. It is a type of cooking compatible with our era, something I like to pin as “inclusive cooking pushed to the extreme”. I honestly find this entire project amazing, and I think Gabrielle is onto something with her blog. I really hope it will reach a niche that has been waiting for something like this to pop up on the net.

To be quite honest, my only fear is that restaurants will steal her ideas without crediting her. I’m serious: in a blind test, you would probably never guess the hidden qualities of most of these meals!

I hope in your view the web design will be worthy of embedding these little works of art. I sometimes feel like an imposter: web design is not my forte after all! Nevertheless, and hope you’ll as much enjoyment with this project as we did. If you want to share ideas or comments, you can do so at .

The Sensible Bean logo, designed by Gabrielle