Release year: 2019

Authors: Matthew Skelton & Manuel Pais

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  1. (p. 5) People never restrict their communication to strictly follow the lines on the org chart.
  2. (p. 18) Reverse Conway maneuver: Evolve your teams and organizational structure to achieve the desired architecture.
  3. (p. 31) Who is on the team matters less than team dynamics.
  4. (p. 47) Minimize the cognitive load of others. Benefits will compound in a positive way.
  5. (p. 67) “Bot-scout rule”: Leave the code better than you found it.
  6. (p. 70) SRE teams are optional. They’re not essential.
  7. (p. 81) The four fundamental team topologies:
    • Stream-aligned team
    • Enabling team
    • Complicated-subsystem team
    • Platform team
  8. (p. 112) Many problems in delivering software come from accidentally unclear boundaries between teams and their responsibilities (responsibility gaps).
  9. (p. 142) The three ways team interact:
    • Collaboration mode
    • X-as-a-service mode
    • Facilitating mode