Release year: 2019

Author: Gene Kim

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I would suggest to skip this new release and just read the original Phoenix Project . To me, this sequel unfortunately feels like a repeat with somehow less substance.

Félix rating:

⭐ Star quotes

  1. (20%) “Let that be a warning to you that compliance is not just a moral obligation, or a set of contractual obligations… it’s also the law.”
  2. (32%) Code deployment lead time, code deployment frequency and the time to resolve problems predict software delivery, operational performance and organizational performance, which correlate with burnout and employee engagement.
  3. (40%) The opposite of “improvement of daily work” (the 3rd ideal) is someone who values process compliance and “the way we’ve always done it.”
  4. (40%) Researchers at Google found that psychological safety was one of the most important factors of great teams.
  5. (40%) Commit to doing what it takes to make tomorrow better than today.
  6. (66%) This is not a story about small beating large; it’s fast beats slow.
  7. (81%) Hoare principle: There are two ways to write code:
    1. Write code so simple there are obviously no bugs in it
    2. Write code so complex there are no obvious bugs in it
  8. (83%) If your organization is not growing, it is slowly dying.
  9. (92%) ⭐ The most valuable thing you can do is mentor or learn from your peers. Learning is for everyone and it is from there that we will create competitive advantage.
  10. (92%) Adult learners often hide the fact that they’re trying to acquire a new skill. It usually comes from embarrassment or being afraid of being seen doing something they’re not good at.
  11. (100%) The Five Ideals:
    1. Locality and Simplicity
    2. Focus, Flow and Joy
    3. Improvement of Daily Work
    4. Psychological Safety
    5. Customer Focus