Release year: 2020

Author: Header Adkins et al.

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This is a book I have been intimidated by since it came out. I am proud of myself for having finished it! I think it’s more meant to be reference material than actual reading material, to be fair. You can browse the HTLM version of this book online for free .

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  1. (p. 62) Expecting perfection is an unrealistic assumption. Hope is not a strategy.
  2. (p. 92) Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
  3. (p. 144) Resilience is closely tied to recovery, but while recovery focuses on the ability to fix systems after they break, resilience is about designing systems that delay or withstand breakage.
  4. (p. 309) Automation is a win-win, reducing toil while simultaneously increasing reliability and security. Rely on automation whenever possible.